Artist Steve Loya Presents at Loudoun County Magazine’s Winter Speaker Series

Loudoun County Magazine held its first Winter Speaker Series session with artist Steve Loya, the creator of Splotch Monster Island, on November 30th at the Brambleton Library in Ashburn. Intended to connect leadership experts and visionary leaders from Loudoun County and the nation’s rising companies and institutions, the Winter Speaker Series with Loya brought together artists and creators of all ages to learn about Loya’s Splotch Monster Island project, the artist’s journey, and how to create a splotch monster. Loudoun County Magazine Student Cohort members attended with Loudoun Youth’s Claude Moore Community Builders‘ and members of the public. Audience members asked Loya about what inspires his artwork, what techniques he uses to create his artwork, and how to respond to creativity blockages. Loya talked about how his work is inspired by everyday life, sharing happiness with others, and art experiences and education that have helped him grow as an artist. Loya generously provided the public with an opportunity to bring home Splotch Monster Island artwork at a closing giveaway.

Loya demonstrating how to create a watercolor splotch monster to LCM students and the public
Loya pictured with audience members who are bringing home his artwork.

To learn more about Steve Loya’s artwork, visit

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