Ashburn Student Launches Global Magazine

How am I qualified enough to decide who deserves to be helped? I wasn’t sure about the answer, but I wanted to find a way to get involved.  One day, I was scrolling through the official Instagram page of Loudoun Youth and found a life-changing orange-colored piece of post — a flyer that Loudoun County Magazine was looking for student contributors. Since becoming part of this program, I’ve enjoyed so much. LCM provides me with abundant opportunities to meet amazing guest speakers, meet fellow student contributors from across the county, who I would not have met otherwise. I also learn critical skills about magazine production. On a personal note, this project helped me revive my dad’s love of photography, his one and only hobby. Due to LCM, my dad’s work was in a local photo exhibition at the George C. Marshall International Center. What’s more is that my experience at LCM has inspired me to find a feasible way to bring my ultimate dream to my local community while still committed to my life as a high school student here in Loudoun: to establish a global issues magazine at Independence High School. I am especially interested to include the Rwandan Genocide. I hope my global issue publication will address the lack of attention the world has given this significant issue and to empower people to fight for global issues they care about. I am cofounding my magazine with my friend Avery Phillips and I have identified a sponsor for this project: my AP Human Geography teacher, Dr. Miller.  

I am indeed afraid, especially since I am not extroverted. But I believe in the power of how small things can change our entire lives. While it seems like one person cannot change the entire world, we can each do our part. And that is how we change the world.

Special thanks to LCM and Jessica Monte, the best director and mentor who offered me such an inspiring, prodigious program.

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