Author Matthew Monte Presents at Loudoun County Magazine’s Winter Speaker Series

Loudoun County Magazine hosted its second Winter Speaker Series session with author Matthew Monte, who wrote Network Attacks and Exploitations, on December 7th at the Brambleton Library in Ashburn. Intended to connect leadership experts and visionary leaders from Loudoun County and the nation’s rising companies and institutions, the Winter Speaker Series with Monte brought together students and members of the community to learn about computer exploits, writing and rewriting a manuscript, and working with publishers and editors at a professional level. Loudoun County Magazine Student Cohort members attended with Loudoun Youth’s Claude Moore Community Builders‘ and members of the public. Audience members asked Monte about how machines learn, how to manage a high travel work schedule with government agencies, what qualifies as a cyber crime, and how to publish a book. Monte talked about how governments are addressing protection of civilian cyber properties, what qualifies as an act of cyber warfare, and how the quality of editorial feedback improves manuscripts for publication.

To participate in Loudoun County Magazine‘s Winter Speaker Series, join us this December 14 at 6 p.m. at the Brambleton Library for a talk from Firefly Aerospace.

Monte pictured with members of Loudoun County Magazine’s 2022-2023 Cohort, the Claude Moore Community Builders
and members of the public.

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