Comic Logic in Loudoun County

Recently, Loudoun County Magazine Student Journalist Devon Scott sat down with Rob Kaylin,  is the owner of Comic Logic in Ashburn. 

Image courtesy of Comic Logic

Comic Logic in Ashburn is approaching its 7th anniversary. When asked about how Comic Logic navigated the pandemic, Kaylin noted the value of community. “We have built an amazing community.”  According to over 200 reviews on Google, Comic Logic currently rates a nearly perfect five stars. Customers at Comic Logic are regulars who shop on a weekly basis. During the pandemic, devoted customers kept the store afloat by purchasing whatever remained on shelves. An added bonus was attracting new customers.

Kaylin founded Comic Logic when a customer expressed a desire for a local store. 

“One of my customers said that they didn’t want to drive to Fairfax or other places to get their comics. They [offered money] to run a shop and said, ‘[L]et’s make this happen.’” 

Kaylin brought customers with him to Comic Logic after 15 years in the restaurant business. “We greet people when they walk through the door but we also give them their space. We know when to approach them to make sure they have whatever they need.” 

Though Kaylin never aspired to own a comic book shop, he’s a lifelong comic book reader who frequented comic book shops in his youth. Today, Kaylin reads comic books daily and has come to appreciate the form’s storytelling without interference from bad CGI, less than stellar acting, and speed to reaching fans since comic books are produced more quickly than films. 

Comic Logic is located at 44031 Ashburn Shopping Plaza #281, Ashburn, VA 20147 and on Facebook at

Article by Devon Scott

Image courtesy of Comic Logic

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