LCM Student Publishes INDYverCITY, a Global Issues Magazine

Loudoun County Magazine Student Graphic Designer and Artist, Yoobin Lee has released Volume 1 of her publication INDYverCITY an Independence High School Global Magazine. Lee is a senior at Independence High School and the Academies of Loudoun.

In a past article that Lee wrote for Loudoun County Magazine’s Winter 2021 print edition, she shared what inspired her to found a publication at her school in Ashburn. “I am especially interested to include the Rwandan Genocide. I hope my global issue publication will address the lack of attention the world has given [the Rwandan Genocide] and to empower people to fight for global issues they care about. I am cofounding my magazine with my friend Avery Phillips and I have identified a sponsor for this project: my AP Human Geography teacher, Dr. Miller.”

While Lee’s achievement with the release of INDYverCITY in print allows for her high school and wider communities to learn about global issues such as the Rwandan Genocide, she proceeded on this project with some reservation. She shared, ” I am indeed afraid, especially since I am not extroverted. But I believe in the power of how small things can change our entire lives. While it seems like one person cannot change the entire world, we can each do our part. And that is how we change the world.”

To learn more about INDYverCITY, visit them on Instagram at

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