LCPS Parking Space Art

Each year before the school year starts, students attending Loudoun County Public Schools, create and display their artwork using their school parking lot spots. Students make use of their parking space canvas to exhibit fun and expressive pieces of work. Works vary from cartoon classics such as Spongebob to famous, classic art pieces, to King Julien. 

Many students paint their parking space for one last chance at school spirit.  “I wanted to take part of the senior tradition and make my parking spot memorable for me” from Independence High school, senior Lucia Martinez said. According to Martinez she decided to combine two of her favourite art pieces by a famous artist called Keith Haring.

Similarly, Park View High School Senior Emma Selby benefited from extra hands. “My mom, my friends, my twin sister, and my boyfriend because they’re all very close to me.” Selbys’ parking spot is of Spongebob Squarepants and Patrick Star from the iconic TV show “Spongebob Squarepants.” 

Students like Selby, Martinez, and Hamel love taking part in the tradition of making parking space art. A meaningful significance accompanies this rite of passage too; Elizabeth Pruiksma from Rock Ridge High School commented, “It was about taking the next step, and for me, that’s graduation.” Parking space artwork is a memorable way for students across Loudoun and the United States to express themselves during a momentous part of their lives. The bonus? Other students and all who visit Loudoun County Public High Schools get to enjoy what they’ve created.

Story by Aline Gonzalez

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