Loudoun County Magazine hosts Art & Photo Series in Historic Leesburg

Loudoun County, August 16, 2022 – Loudoun County Magazine hosted its Art & Photo Series this August at the George C. Marshall International Center to engage learners between the ages of 11 and 14 into history through art making. Loudoun County Magazine Student Board Members, Hazel Nguyen and Aishani Satia, served as program facilitators with Director Jessica Monte. Participants visited Leesburg’s Historic District to see the Silas Randall House, which is now the location of the Loudoun-Times Mirror, Harrison Hall now known as Glennfiddich House, the John Janney House, the Loudoun County Virginia Courthouse, and the Stephen Donalsen Log Cabin. Additionally, participants learned about photography with Bill Bardwell, a photographer for the George C. Marshall International Center and with Jessica Monte, a professional photographer and educator. Participants made accordion books following guidelines from Arzoo Mistry, a teaching artist for the National Gallery of Art, and mixed media self portraits incorporating photographs they took during tours of Historic Leesburg. Following the Public Art Tour itinerary provided by the Town of Leesburg featuring its Arts & Cultural District, participants interacted with artwork at Raflo Park including its installations of sculpture, the Gale Waldron Mural, the bronze Stanley Caulkins Memorial, and the Lovework Sculpture. A final experience for participants included touring Dodona Manor and then hosting a Meet the Artist Gallery Walk at Dodona Manor.

 “Loudoun County Magazine is dedicated to providing space for Loudoun’s arts and literature community to come together, and we hope to encourage young artists to participate in these spaces too,” said Jessica Monte, the Director of Loudoun County Magazine, LLC. “Our Summer Art and Photo program held at the George C. Marshall International Center allows us to provide Loudoun’s young people with an opportunity to make art while learning about our region’s history.”

Loudoun County Magazine intends to host additional young artist workshops for learners between the ages of 11 and 18 during the coming school year.

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Loudoun County Magazine, LLC. offers access to writing, journalism, and arts education with numerous opportunities for internships, cooperative learning and other hands-on learning experiences for students and residents living and working in Loudoun County. Loudoun County Magazine publications are produced by high school students attending Loudoun County Public Schools. Loudoun Community Press oversees Loudoun County Magazine and is dedicated to building community with the publication of print and digital media.Visit http://www.loudouncommunitypress.org and http://loudouncountymagazine.com

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Video by Shreya Sriram

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