Loudoun County’s Alexa Severo Takes the Reins of Loudoun Youth, Inc.

Loudoun Youth, Inc. is proud to announce its new President of the Board of Directors Alexa Severo. Severo brings a unique offering to her new role.  As a freshman in high school during the 2003-2004 school year, Severo participated in the nonprofit’s inaugural Step Up Loudoun Youth program. Returning to Loudoun after college, Severo began her career as an elementary school teacher for Loudoun County Public Schools and again became involved with the nonprofit as a judge for the competition, and for the past five years has been a member of its Board of Directors. Now, she steps into her biggest role yet as President of the award-winning nonprofit. 

Severo acknowledges she has big shoes to fill, as outgoing President & CEO Jared Melvin held the position for a decade. Melvin played a major role in the success of two of Loudoun Youth Inc.’s most popular teen programs, Step Up Loudoun Youth Competition and the Loudoun Youth Leadership Program, as he helped develop them into the successful programs they are today.

“Last year, Loudoun Youth, Inc. celebrated our 15th anniversary, a tremendous accomplishment. I envision us thriving and leaving an even bigger impact 15 years from now,” Severo says. “One of my goals is to increase awareness of what we do, connecting even more with the youth of Loudoun and their families so that everyone in our community knows what Loudoun Youth is and the positive impact we have on both the kids and county as a whole.”

Severo, a lifelong resident of Loudoun County, earned a bachelor’s degree from Christopher Newport University and a Master’s Degree in Curriculum and Instruction for Elementary Education from George Mason University. She is in her eighth year teaching second grade for Loudoun County Public Schools.

“Our board is excited to see Alexa take on this new role,” said Melvin. “She brings a great energy and since she’s been both a student participant and a board member, she brings a unique perspective and firsthand knowledge from experiencing our programs as a youth. She has always demonstrated integrity and a passion for our programs and has shown how they truly empower the youth in our community.”

Outgoing President & CEO Melvin joined the board of directors for Loudoun Youth, Inc. in 2009, became President & CEO in 2011, and will continue serving another term as Past-President. He has been instrumental in shaping the nonprofit’s extensive youth programs and found great joy in making connections and motivating young people as they took part in the various activities offered through Loudoun Youth, Inc.

Loudoun Youth, Inc. was established as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization in April 2005. The mission of the organization is to coordinate community resources to assist in the development of youth programs and to create leadership opportunities for young people.  They support and develop programs that provide Loudoun teens positive out-of-school activities in safe environments helping them to become confident and contributing members of the community.

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