Military Aerospace Expert Stephen McCall Visits Loudoun County Magazine

Loudoun County Magazine hosted its final Winter Speaker Series session with military aerospace expert Stephen McCall, who represents Firefly Aerospace, on December 14th at the Brambleton Library in Ashburn. Intended to connect leadership experts and visionary leaders from Loudoun County and the nation’s rising companies and institutions, the Winter Speaker Series with McCall brought together students and members of the community to learn about the impact of inspiring mentors and teachers, how a multilingual background supports a global profession with the military and aerospace, and how a career in technology does not preclude one from creating successful artistic projects as well.

Loudoun County Magazine Student Cohort members attended with Loudoun Youth’s Claude Moore Community Builders‘ and members of the public. Audience members asked McCall about how he overcame a difficult high school experience in which his GPA dropped to a 1.2 and a teacher dissuaded him and told him he was not worth anything. He shared how a military commander inspired him to work hard and that he ultimately was able to work in aerospace, testify before Congress, support Firefly Aerospace’s rocket launches with NASA, and write and produce an off-Broadway show.

Although Loudoun County Magazine‘s 2022 Winter Speaker Series concluded with Firefly Aerospace and McCall’s visit on December 14th, we anticipate a full line up of speakers in January and February on Thursdays at 6 p.m. at the Brambleton Library.

For information on how you can participate in Loudoun County Magazine‘s Speaker Series, please email or call 202-415-0333.

Firefly Aerospace Military Space Analyst Stephen McCall presents to Loudoun County Magazine

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