Renss Greene from Loudoun Now Visits Loudoun County Magazine Student Editors

Deputy Editor of Loudoun Now Renss Green pictured with Loudoun County Magazine Student Editors Aishani Satia, Brooke Carmichael, Devon Scott, Layne Sheplee, and Jillian Wallner.

Renss Greene, the Deputy Editor of Loudoun Now, spoke with the Student Editors of Loudoun County Magazine on Sunday, April 3 at the Brambleton Library to discuss the goals and responsibilities of today’s journalist. Greene shared his personal story of becoming a journalist as well as insights into how journalists can be successful in today’s demanding news cycle.

Loudoun County Magazine is overseen by the Board of Directors of Loudoun Community Press and is an umbrella literacy publication intended to: 1) connect Loudoun students and residents in meaningful ways, 2) encourage students’ exploration of arts, literature and multimedia communications, and 3)provide  Loudoun’s multifaceted community with learning and dialogue opportunities.

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