Seeking Members for Loudoun County Magazine’s Board of Directors

NEW BOARD MEMBERS NEEDED — Loudoun County Magazine, a 501(c)3 organization is seeking new board members. If you are interested or know someone who might be interested in serving on Loudoun County Magazine’s Board of Directors, please email us at

Loudoun County Magazine’s Mission: 1) connect Loudoun students and residents in meaningful ways, 2) encourage students’ exploration of arts, literature and multimedia communications, and 3) provide  Loudoun’s multifaceted community with learning and dialogue opportunities.

Loudoun County Magazine began as a community publication and became a non-profit educational program and publication on March 25, 2020. We are currently producing The Loudoun Guidebook, an annual print publication to be distributed at major retail chains including Barnes & Noble, Books-a-Million, and Harris Teeter. We are currently fundraising to hire a teacher/director of our program to lead our youth publishing products and community Speaker Series.

We currently have two special project initiatives. First, we are providing a journalism and arts program for students across Loudoun County to connect them to each other while they create a community focused product/project. Second, we are providing a Speaker Series to educate students and the wider public about local, national, and international professional opportunities that are headquartered in Loudoun County or the wider District of Columbia areas.

Loudoun County Magazine seeks 2-3 new Board Members to energize our current strategies. Our ideal Board Members should bring experience and enthusiasm for the arts, education, and journalism and at least one year in either a board position or as a volunteer leader. Board Member responsibilities include:

  • Attending monthly board meetings
  • Coordinating artists, educators, journalists, and professionals for our Speaker Series
  • Working with the Teacher/Director to operationalize the organization’s project initiatives
  • Actively advocating for Loudoun County Magazine in the region to pursue community engagement and fundraising opportunities
  • Committing to serve Loudoun County Magazine for a one-year term
  • Attending at least one student event supported by our program

Interested candidates should email Loudoun County Magazine Director Jessica Monte at . Please provide brief explanation about how your skills and experience would support the Loudoun County Magazine’s mission, growth and impact. Preferably, a PDF copy of your resume should be included, but a resume is not required.

Thank you for your consideration.

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