Silver Lining: Positive Quarantine Stories from LCPS Students

For the Winter 2021 issue of Loudoun County Magazine, our student editors brainstormed story ideas that they thought would be meaningful and uplifting for their audience. One idea they put forward was to poll their peers about how the pandemic and quarantine led to a positive outcome. Below are some of the responses they received:

“Due to the quarantine and virtual schooling, I was able to get my pilot’s license faster. I was able to log in and attend some of my classes from the Leesburg Airport terminal, which enabled me to secure flight times that I wouldn’t have been able to otherwise, which was especially helpful during the winter when sunset came early. Having that flexibility in my schedule sped things along, and I was able to become a licensed private pilot in under 11 months.” -Cannon Grove, 12th grader from Woodgrove High School

“It removed a lot of distractions from my life and helped me grow closer to God.” -Andrew Toppen, 10th grader from Stone Bridge High School

“COVID-19 allowed me to get closer to my family. It also allowed me to focus on my mental health.” -Elizabeth Diluiji, 9th Grader from Independence High School

“The COVID-19 quarantine allowed me to participate in the Kindness Never Stops campaign hosted by Touching Heart, which was a campaign in which kids hosted events online and, under COVID guidelines, continued to spread kindness, inspiring compassion and generosity for others. In this campaign, we were able to host multiple events and raise money for foster kids, families in need, healthcare workers, and more. This campaign was such a great opportunity to uplift people in need during such difficult times and taught me the importance of acts of kindness.” -Zara Gill, 12th grader from Broad Run High School

“Quarantine was really impactful for me. I started reading a lot and finding out some more of my hobbies. With all that time, I figured out what I want to do with my life and my plans for the future.” -Sofia Stanziola, 10th grader from Stone Bridge High School

“I did no work, slept, and I felt better than I did in any other school year.” -Annika Lawrence, 10th grader from Stonebridge High School

“Over quarantine, I used my free time to start new hobbies. I baked a lot of new recipes. I also discovered I loved to run and joined my high school’s cross country team the following year. “

-Ayla Shapiro, 10th grader from Stone Bridge High School

Article by Jillian Wallner

Design by Sydney Nguyen

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