Special: Travel to Cancun

Recently, our Student Photographer Caitlynn Jeon visited Cancun, Mexico. Below are her recommendations on the top 5 plus one things to do when traveling to Cancun. Enjoy!

Chichen Itza, One of the Seven Wonders of the World

Chichen Itza is a beautiful and great place to visit for a day trip if you are in Cancun. The Chichen Itza, a city over 1,500 years old,  was home to Mayan people from all areas of the Yucatan Peninsula.  Chichen Itza holds many ancient secrets about the Ruined Ancient Maya City.  The site has multiple Mayan ruins and the famed El Castillo pyramid is at its center.  You can take tours to learn more about the historical architectural sites and about the Mayan people’s lifestyles. 

Visit Cenotes

Cenotes are natural pools in underground caverns that are a great place to go with families and friends.  Cenotes, naturally formed by collapse of limestone, were important to Maya since they provided the most important drinking supply.  The Mayans also believed that the cenotes were entrances to the underworld.  Today, you can take a relaxing swim in the crystal clear blue water and take beautiful pictures.  There are many different cenotes you can visit in Cancun so you can always find one near you when you visit.  A lot of people go to cenotes to relax and play.

Play at Xcaret

Xcaret is a natural eco-archaeological water and amusement park all in one place.  They have a lazy river where adults and kids both can enjoy.  You can also go to the Mayan Jungle with cenotes facing the Caribbean Sea.  Xcaret has breathtaking sceneries where you do lots of activities and relax. You can enjoy many attractions where kids can have fun in a natural setting and experience the cultural attractions.

Explore Tulum’s Treehouse Version of the Guggenheim Museum

Tulum’s Treehouse Version of the Guggenheim Museum is a beautiful architectural outdoor museum you can visit for a day trip.  There are breathtaking architectural structures that you can see at every turn.  It has art and cultural structures you can look at and take pictures of.  There are many art pieces made from many different artists and art styles.

Play and Relax at Beaches

While a lot of beaches suffer from sargassum, the beaches in the Hotel Zone have beautiful clear blue turquoise colored waters with white soft sand.  The Hotel Zone beaches have small waves so it is great for families to just relax and play.  The oceans are unimaginably clear like glass.  The sand is extremely soft when you step in it and is kid friendly.  Lots of families go to beaches when in Cancun.

Go To All Inclusive Resorts

When you go to Cancun, you have to go to all inclusive resorts.  All inclusive resorts have a variety of great restaurants where you don’t need to worry about what to eat.  Drinks and desserts are plentiful throughout the day.  They also have lots of pools and myriad of activities on-site, such as catamaran rides and kayaking.  Kid and Teen Clubs can also be enjoyed, along with nightly entertainment.  All inclusive resorts can be fun and relaxing for kids and parents since it is a good place for families.

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