The Winter 2021 issue is here!

Loudoun Community Press is pleased to announce the release of Loudoun County Magazine Winter 2021. This issue was produced by high school students living in Loudoun County.

Magazines are elaborate and short-lived publications. Magazines, as a form of publication and art exhibit, involves its makers directly in the present moment and allows them to focus more deeply on issues of present significance to themselves and their audiences (i.e. society).

As a learning tool, magazines provide a space for student-artists to publish their work and become empowered to change the world. Many students explore their identit(y)(ies) through the printed word and art. Digital magazines like the one you are reading (though you may be holding it in print format), offer an enjoyable way for students to learn just about anything.  

At Loudoun County Magazine, which is powered by Loudoun Community Press and its donors, we are dedicated to providing Loudoun students the opportunities and resources to explore media in print and digital formats.  In our winter issue, students interviewed their peers and adult leadership in Loudoun County about issues that matter to them; these included global warming, positive thinking during the pandemic, entrepreneurism, school lunch, fashion, international diplomacy, childhood cancer, multiculturalism, inter-religious dialogue, family, empowerment, homelessness, and world issues like genocide. 

To prepare for this issue, students met weekly with each other to learn about writing, art, and journalism. They learned with experienced professional journalists, Capital Hill professionals, community leaders and from each other.

We hope you enjoy what they have created for you and for themselves.

Last, we wish all of Loudoun a beautiful winter season. Please note that the printed version of the Winter 2021 issue will be available at branches of the Loudoun County Public Libraries. Read online now at

Warmest regards,

The Board of Loudoun Community Press

About Loudoun Community Press

Loudoun Community Press offers access to writing, journalism, and art education with numerous opportunities for internships, cooperative learning and other hands-on learning experiences for students and residents living and working in Loudoun County. Loudoun Community Press oversees Loudoun County Magazine and is dedicated to building community with the publication of print and digital media.

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