Woman Redefined

Recently, the Board of Loudoun Community Press received the following submission from Kashvi Ramani, a Loudoun County Public Schools high school student attending Rock Ridge High School. Ramani wrote: In light of the current LCPS sexual assault incidents that have come to light, here is a poem of mine, entitled “Woman Redefined.”

Loudoun Community Press is pleased to publish this poem and hope it inspires dialogue in our Loudoun communities.

“Woman Redefined”

-no, but a young Woman can be criticized for anything She does.
wears a little makeup to make Herself feel good
(no, don’t cake your face and fool the boys).
cries when She’s had enough
(no, your life is perfect, pain undeserved).
 tries in school
(no, boys don’t like them smart),
acts a fool
(no, all Girls are the same).
stops stinging, the word’s frequency now a dull throb.
but when She’s terrified,
knows this isn’t what She wants,
“no” doesn’t roll off the tongue.
gets stuck in Her throat. leaves Her feeling the broken She knows they call her.
but no, forget it happened, no,
it’s Her fault.

18th century made evolution, no, revolution, no,
of fabric of country.
founding fathers preach new ideas with a blind eye to Women suffrage,
no, to slavery,
no, to peace and prosperity.
why do we let a country created by men, now run by men,
ruined by men,
ruin once again? teetering laws are arguing parents-
“no, honey let the grown-ups talk”.
they decide our fates like karma,
force fingers to our lips and silence our cries.
our hands itch to push back,
but no,
a “good Girl” rests hands in laps.
even when they strip us of all liberties.
make us more bone, no, more object, than Woman,
the blame of their actions still weigh on us like a storm cloud that

so we carry the weight of the world on our shoulders,
know that men will claim the burden is left to them.
no, but we agree with tight-lipped smiles and
teary eyes
as another woman preaches “boys will be boys”.
and the cycle continues.

no. ignoring the problem won’t make it go away.
no. we can’t sit back and watch as Her beauty is taken, no, ripped,
and Her joy with it.
no. don’t succumb to the sword they brandish over and over, no,
we’ve always been the better fighters.
because we’ve

break the cycle with the hands you were told to keep gentle
break tradition, break submission,
redefine “Woman”.

Recorded Video:https://youtu.be/kMPmcqnZm-8

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